Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Mantelscape 2014


I took down the Halloween decorations in record time this year and up went the Thanksgiving decor.

Stores tend to move right from Halloween to Christmas so when I see a turkey or other Thanksgiving item, I snatch it up.

I have plenty of turkeys now for my Thanksgiving mantelscape.

I really look forward to Thanksgiving. I don't like to skip over it.

I set up my little holiday corner of the kitchen with Thankgiving cheer also.

This year I am hearing about a lot of stores that are not waiting for Black Friday but opening up even earlier on Thanksgiving. It feels like poor Thanksgiving is getting an even tighter squeeze than ever, much to many people's dismay.

What do you think? Woud you go Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving?


  1. No way. Take a day off shopping, America, and let retail workers relax with their loved ones too.

  2. I loved working black Friday when I worked retail at the mall (in my 20's)
    Now I sit and enjoy having the day off of work!

  3. Shopping on Thanksgiving re-inforces to retailers that they should be open that day. I would rather let the poor employees have a day with their families.