Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2014

It's close enough to Christmas that I think I can show the handmade gifts for this year. My mom gave me a large piece of upcycled leather and we used it to make keychains for office mates, friends and family. Aaron cut the leather, dyed the inside, while I branded and riveted them together. I thought they were cute little gifts and was blown away by how much people loved them.

When my sister told me she wanted a Thankful Jar like I made and posted on my blog, I realized they might make nice gifts. I hope to see these full of good things for my friends and family by next year.

I made two custom gifts too. Our friend Charlie just got a Miata and we made him a diaorama featuring one. It's harder to find a toy Miata than you would think.

I also made my friend Liz a diorama featuring a black lab that looks like hers. It is also harder than you would think to find a small toy black lab! They both turned out really cute though.

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