Monday, December 29, 2014

Hidden marketing lesson in a Christmas tree stand

We already took our Christmas tree down. That might sound surprising but what we actually do is take our tree down and then put it back up at my parent's house!

Here are a few pictures of the tree before it's journey.

Don't you love laying on your couch at night, looking at the glow of your Christmas tree?

It was another shorty. We have the room for a big tree, but I have really liked getting the more petite ones.

Can you see the Santa's Magic Water Spout?

When I posted pictures on Instagram I got questions about the "bucket". It's actually a large galvanized tub I bought at Tractor Supply.

Last year I saw these tree collars in Crate and Barrel. I loved the look but not the price tag. I got a big tub for a fraction of the price... only to find that our tree stand didn't fit in it. Well last year our tree stand broke and we invested in a fancy new one and lo and behold the smaller stand fits in the tub!

The new tree stand has a post for a tree with a hole drilled up the tree trunk. I have to say we are fans of the drill stand now. It's a Stand Straight which also has screws if you don't have a drilled tree. Typically there is half an hour of Aaron laying under the tree fiddling with the stand screws until the tree is nice and straight. With a drill stand and a drilled tree... it dropped down perfectly! We aren't the only ones sold on it... there is an entire article about the marketing brilliance of the drilled Christmas tree.

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