Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's goodies: Purple Mason Jars

Valentine's Day brought a giant heart balloon, flowers, chocolate and a pug card.

But here is how I know Aaron really knows me. For Valentine's Day he got me the new purple Limited Edition Ball Heritage Collection Jars. Pint and quart!

They say purple is the last in the series. I'm kinda bummed about that. In the past Mason jars have been made in the colors Aqua, Amber, Dark Amber, Emerald, Milk Glass, Cobalt, and Black. Purple jars are actually the result of clear jars with manganese in the glass that have been exposed to sunlight, or sometimes artificially turned purple through irradiation. I think they could still do "throwback" jars in amber and cobalt. Milk glass and black would be very cool also!


  1. I agree about the Milk Glass and Black! Thanks for posting this, I will be getting some purples ones soon to go along with my blue & green. :D

    1. Hope they come out with purple lids & rings, too!

    2. They do have purple lids and rings! Yay!