Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Begin Again

Once is a favorite movie of Aaron's, so when I saw that director/writer John Carney had another movie, now available streaming, called Begin Again, I told Aaron we should watch it. I was also intrigued that Adam Levine was acting in it.

I don't want to give away too much of the film but there are so many similiarities to Once but different enough. Don't the film posters even look similar? It really felt like "Once... in the US." We loved it and I liked the ending better than Once. This and Chef are my favorite films I've seen this year so far.

Just like I did with Once, I downloaded a few of the songs from the Begin Again soundtrack. I love movie soundtracks, and when the music is so integrated into the movie like this they are especially good. Lost Stars and Like a Fool are some faves of mine. (I wish the kazoo had made it into Like a Fool though)


  1. I'm glad I saw this post - watched it on the weekend and it was great. I really enjoyed chef as well. if you haven't seen the hundred foot journey yet put it on your list - another great one :)

  2. We did watch it! It was the night I made butter chicken so I wouldn't go crazy hungry for Indian food.

  3. I'm waiting for this version. Hope to have a chance to enjoy it soon.