Saturday, May 16, 2015

Goodbye to Jim's Restaurant

About ten years ago Aaron and I stumbled upon Jim's Restaurant. Quite frankly when I first saw it I thought it looked run down. As soon as we walked in we were hooked. The mug collection over the counter, warm greetings and good food made it our favorite weekend breakfast spot.

Turns out the property Jim's sits on is owned by someone who is plannig to develop it and those plans don't involve Jim's Restaurant.

The owner, Elena started working at Jim's 17 years ago and bought it 14 years ago. In fact she bought it May 16, 2001. When we found out their last day would be May 16, of course we would be there.

My favorite breakfast was two eggs over easy, crispy hashbrowns and toast. Aaron likes the sausage and biscuits and the Elena Delight frittata.

We came back later that afternoon and got two mugs for mementos.

And Aaron brought his drone to take pictures and video.

It's a shame to lose this local treasure, but the real treasure at Jim's Restaurant is the people. Elena has a second location - Jim's Too on Main Street. It is closed right now due to damage from a kitchen fire but they hope to reopen in July.

You can be sure we will be there.

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