Friday, July 24, 2015

Movies with a Downtown View: Moonrise Kingdom

My friend Liz invited us to join her for Movies with a Downtown View. The Rochestariat and The Little Theater joined together to produce a free outdoor movie showing in Manhattan Square Park.

It's a really cool experience to watch a film with the Rochester skyline in the background. Besides the movie there were food trucks and giveaways. We just brought our lawn chairs and snacks.

The movie they showed was Moonrise Kingdom. It was the perfect film for outside on a summer night. We had never seen it before and now it's our favorite Wes Anderson film. It had everything you would expect from a Wes Anderson movie - great costumes, colors, set design, and quippy lines.

Being set in the 60s the entire movie had a classic vintage feel. I enjoyed the use of the telephone operator, and the little portable battery operated record player.

Of all of Anderson's films this one had the most charming storyline. I really cared for the characters and rooted for them.

The added bonus was Aaron and I are heading out for a camping trip tomorrow and the Khaki Scout scenes put us in the right mood.