Thursday, October 22, 2015

The List App

I always have my eye out for what might be the next big app or social media platform. I end up signing up for a lot of things that fizzle out and I eventually delete off my phone.

I clicked on a link I saw on Facebook that was a list of facts about Mr. Rogers. Turns out it was made on The List App.

I LOVE lists! How did I not already know about this? After seeing some of the lists that had been made and how brands and media are using the app, I think it is going to be the next big app.

It's not really the sort of list app where you make your grocery list. It's more like for bucket lists or top ten lists. You can make lists, add comments, add photos, like them, share them, and save them. I started making a few of my own. I have to say, I think some people must be making their lists on their computers and emailing the text to themselves to copy and paste into the app. It drives me nuts typing that much on my phone.

This is how a list looks in the app. My Top Halloween Movie List.

And this is how a list looks on the desktop. This is my Halloween costume list. The second half of this list is hilarious because I found pictures for each year. I need to get pictures of my kid costumes from my parents' photo albums.

Aaron made this list Top Ten Things About Pugs. So accurate.

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