Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cleaning up

When I was a kid, I remember seeing a set of dish towels that showed kittens doing different chores for different days of the week. Sort of like this. Monday was laundry, Tuesday was sweeping, etc. I always liked the idea of a cleaning calendar like that. Do one chore each day instead of letting it build up to the end of the week.

I came up with this schedule but honestly I haven't had a full week where each chore was completed.

Monday - laundry

Tuesday - vacuum & dust

Wednesday - clean bathrooms

Thursday - mop & scrub kitchen

I blame it on the fact that my cats do not, in fact, help with the chores like the cats on the dish towels.

I do love using my Dyson however. And I was way more excited than I should be when my hardwood floor attachment came this week.

I also love my Shark for mopping. Snapchatting while cleaning is my new thing.

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