Thursday, April 28, 2016

The chomper and the chompee

We had quite a scare today. When Aaron and I came home, only Hugo came to the door. We found Oscar lying under a stool and he was bleeding. Our vet office was closed so it was off to the Emergency Vet.

Turns out it looks like Oscar and Hugo got into a scuffle and Hugo nipped Oscar's ear and chomped his leg. Did you know ears bleed like crazy?

What we can figure is, Hugo likes to lick Oscar's ear but it must have been bothering him and Oscar snapped at Hugo and then a fight broke out. We are so shocked because they have never faught before and they are acting perfectly normal now. We are keeping them separated when we aren't at home just to be sure. Poor Oscar has a tube in his ear to let it drain. When the vet put the tube in, we had him remove two skin tags too so Oscar is stuck with the pillow of shame.

UPDATE: Oscar is healing fine and the two of them continue to be fine with each other. We thought Hugo got away unscathed but then I found scabs on his neck rolls where Oscar and chomped on him too. Only fair I guess.


  1. Oh noooo!!! Glad they're still friends. :)

  2. You're smart to keep them apart while you are away. Sometimes older dogs develop some cognitive disfunction that gets them into trouble. My elderly Dane developed a fear of roller skates and bit the mailman. Poor sweet Oscar may not be feeling like himself.