Wednesday, July 6, 2016

18 Weeks Baby Bump

Today I am 18 weeks along and this is the best baby bump photo I could manage. I haven't been doing them every week, but I feel like I should record some of the moments.

We had an ultrasound yesterday and there was one shot that made it very obvious he is a boy! It is bizarre to see him moving around because I don't feel anything yet. I don't have any weird food cravings which is slightly disapointing, but since I made it through the first trimester without any morning sickness, I shouldn't complain. My only symptoms are heartburn (which feels more like cold burn) and it's easily remedied with Tums. Oh and I was crazy itchy but that is subsiding. Yay for cocoa butter.

Baby gifts and clothes are starting to trickle in. I have not bought any official maternity clothes yet. I get by with leggings, roomy button ups and the ole hair tie 'round the pants button loop trick.

I guess we need to start getting serious about finding a pediatrician, day care and getting the room ready. It's just hard to imagine the little guys arrival in frigid December during these hot 90 July days.

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