Friday, February 16, 2001

Back the Truck Up

Being overwhelmed by mounds of email and dirty laundry upon my return from Utah, I negleted to blog properly. Let me review.

Top 10 Things in Park City, Utah

1. Jamba Juice: Fruity, luscious, high caloric.

2. Snowboarding: Snowbird, Park City, Canyons, Brighton and Solitude. My ankle disagrees.

3. Bath Shop: my weakness.

4. Einstein Brothers: breakfast bagel Sante Fe way every morning. And a cookie on the side.

5. Steak: Mmmm...protein

6. Altitude stupidity disease: "I'm gonna have legs as strong as... something with strong legs!" - Tina

7. Easy targets: if you're gonna hang out with a girl named Brie, expect some cheese jokes (Tony)

8. Tea: at the Queen of Hearts, it wasn't sherpa tea, but it sure made Tina and I punchy

9. Funny snow hats: I tried on a hat that looked like a jelly fish, puppy hybrid. "What is it? What is it?" - Me

10. Tony's conference presentation - "Life in Corporate America"

Tina's Review provides a more in depth and hilarious record of the weeks events.

Top 10 Things on Valentines Day

1. Heart shaped chocolate brownies with raspberry sauce, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream and raspberries.

2. Tiffany charm bracelet

3. handmade valentines

4. a sweater coat made by mom

5. a dozen red heart shaped balloons

6. bouquet of flowers with yellow daisies

7. a heart shaped rice paper lamp

8. Martha Stewart heart decorations handmade with wax paper and melted crayons

9. love bug t-shirt and pink socks

10. dollar roses hand fashioned by my dad for my mom and sister

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