Thursday, February 15, 2001

Mistaken Identity

Back to the ole grind today. Spent the morning wading through scads of emails.

Message 23: Buzzsaw printer is down.
Message 27: Buzzsaw printer is back up.

Well, I am glad they were able to handle that without me.

I am also lamenting the fact that I didn't unpack my stuff last night. Urgh. I leave tomorrow for Ottawa, so perhaps I'll just leave it packed.

There's been lots of questions around the office as to how the conference in Utah went. From the more savy, were questions as to how the snowboarding was. One thing that I am finding troubling was that people think it was me that was blogging last week. " you did have access to a computer out there", they say.

Did anyone notice it wasn't me? It's like when you call someone on the phone and start talking only to realize 7 minutes later that it's the wrong person. It...wasn'

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