Sunday, June 17, 2001


I don't know why meteorologists bother with meteorology school, tracking cold fronts...etc. All you have to do to guarantee a rain shower is to take the top off of your car. If you don't have a vehicle with a convertable top you could say... plan a pool party.

Seeing as how Aaron took the top off of his Jeep for the ride over to Sarah's pool party today, it was a wonder we only had a shower. One would expect some sort of tropical hurricane.

Despite the overcast sky, we did have tasty poultry sausage, taste tested several smoothies for our "Together Again- Tropical- First Day of Summer- Flamingo Unveiling Party" at the office on Thursday, and finished our E.A.T. team tropical flamingo.

Aaron scoffed at the rain and hopped in the pool regardless. The chlorine is turning his blue hightlights green. *heh heh*

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