Monday, July 2, 2001

The Bunny Project

Someone started posting anti-bunny posters around Rochester. Aaron grabbed one on Friday. While on one hand I am disturbed to see a cute little bunny mutilated, I am also pleased to see that the concept has been carried a step further.

On Friday, Joel also called the D and C and asked them if they had any idea what the bunny posters meant. By coincidence they ran an article on "The Bunny Project" in the living section on Sunday. Apparently there are a lot more posters I need to get my hands on. There are "newsletters" and business cards out and about. Bunny fliers were placed on parked cars downtown last week.

The D and C reporter wrote that she tracked down a guy that had been delivering some of the posters. He said he saw the bunny posters in Orlando, Florida and brought them to Rochester. This does not solve the mystery. The posters were here before he began posting them and he isn't responsible for many of today's posters.

He doesn't know what they mean either. The mystery continues.

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