Tuesday, July 3, 2001


My online dream journal didn't seem to generate much interest and I stopped updating it. This weekend I was looking at some of my past blogs and found a few of the Top Ten Lists I have posted in the past. Top Ten Things, at Winterlude, at Matt's Mardi Gras Party, etc. Those worked out well so I decided that the dream journal could turn into Ljc's Top Ten Lists.

Along with Kristen, I am a big lister. I have a special app on my handspring just for lists. Lists of movies to see, videos to rent, shoes to buy, I make lists for packing, for shopping, for gifting. It is only right I have a List site.

Yesterday Daniella blogged about the similiarities between Heidi and I. I have to admit they are a bit unsettling. I have heard that Heidi is upset...feeling that she is no longer one of a kind. Tina insists we are unique...it just that there is an east coast version and west coast version.

Growing more curious about Heidi I went and looked at her website, angryheidi.com. Guess what is on it? A top ten list.

I was hesitant to proceed with my Ljc's Top Ten List. I mean...she is angry enough. I would hate for her to feel a need to annihilate her east coast clone.

I am going ahead with the plan. Let's all remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For my first post, I will list the Top Ten Things That Heidi Couldn't Possibly Have in Common with Me.

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