Tuesday, July 3, 2001


I got an email today from the Heman Miller people that had the office art contest...

"Thank you so much for participating in our Office Supply Creation contest. Your creation was unfortunately not chosen among our finalists, but we do appreciate you sharing your creativity with us."

Drat. I thought we would at least win a t-shirt. We will ill prepared though. We found out about the contest the day before the deadline, our curtain and pillar were disasembled for moving and I only had small 150 x 150 pixel images to send them. I think if we had more time to plan we could have done a better job. *sigh*

I'm not holding it agains the Herman Miller people though. I really like some of the stuff on their site. I actually tried their cable control method.

Behind my televsion were the cables to the VCR, DVD, Super Nintendo, cell phone charger, stereo, video rewinder and a lamp. They are now all neatly reined in using this clever set up.

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