Tuesday, July 2, 2002

I like bread and butter...

So we picked a ton of strawberries. What do you do with an excess amount of strawberries? You make strawberry jam!

Aaron and I got a Jelly Making Kit at Target that came with the jars and everything we would need.

I put the jars and lids in hot water while Aaron smashed the daylights out of the strawberries. We cooked the strawberries while adding pectin, lemon juice and sugar til it boiled.

I stirred and stirred... then we filled each jar with sticky strawberry goo. Lids on and back into the canner to boil for ten minutes.

Tadah! Strawberry Jam.

We now have visions of grape jelly, raspberry jam, peach jam... oh and Target had a Salsa Making Kit too! As soon as those tomatoes are ready in the garden... salsa!



UPDATE: Despite all our hard work and following the recipe to the letter, the jam has not as of yet gelled. Danica suspects it was too hot and humid last night. I had no idea the process was so delicate. So this batch will be going on ice cream and pancakes and we will try again later.

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