Friday, November 8, 2002

First signs of Christmas

While I find Christmas stuff before Halloween distasteful, as I head into November, the holiday planning gears up full blast.

Back home there is a Christmas store we go to that hasbeautiful holiday items in it. I never understood how Christmas only stores stay in business year round, but I love going there during the proper season. It was at Christmas Tree Hill in the Mansion that I first saw the The Bride's Tree Glass Ornament Collection.

"According to an old German tradition, the tree of a newlywed couple should include these twelve ornaments to insure happiness for their life together: An Angel - God's Guidance in the Home, A House - Shelter and Protection, A Rabbit - Hope and Faith, A Teapot - Hospitality, A Bird - Happiness and Joy, A Rose - Beauty and Affection, A Fruit Basket - Generosity, A Fish - God's Blessing, A Pine Cone - Motherhood & Fruitfulness, A Santa - Unselfishness and Goodwill, A Flower Bouquet - Good Wishes, A Heart - True Love"

I am not a bride, but I love things that come as "sets", so when I saw they had them at Target, Aaron got a set for me (at a fraction of the cost I have seen them elsewhere). It's the second week of November and I have acquired the first ornaments of the season. Now if I could just finish my shopping and gift making early....

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