Thursday, November 7, 2002

New Guster

I guess because I just watched "Life as a House" I went to the Guster website. Guster is one of my favorite bands, thanks to Tina, and they had seveal songs featured in the movies and the family dog was named Guster.

At their site I read that they did a song for the For the Kids album. There were some other groups I like on the cd. Sarah McLaughlin sings "The Rainbow Connection". I thought it might be a fun album to own. The cover art is pretty cool. Well I listened to it at Barnes and Noble and it was cute... but a little too kidish.

Instead I got the MTV2 Handpicked Vol II album with Guster's new song "Ramona" on it. It has The Vines, John Mayer and Coldplay. I really like albums with variety in them... I think this one is great.

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