Saturday, March 8, 2003


Around Valentines Day, billboards started popping up around Rochester, announcing "Indiscretion... coming soon". I thought "Wha? A strip club?"

Yesterday, I saw a city bus with an ad on the side for "Indiscretion". Indiscretion Ice Cream. Hah! Better than a strip club... especially with flavors like.... Midnight Rendezvous: Escape into the dark delights of Mocha ice cream fused with ribbons of espresso and morsels of fudge coated almond biscotti.

Their marketing campaigan is a bit suggestive, but they have this quote on their site... "If indulging in your favorite ice cream is as naughty as you’re going to get, then you are living a life you should be proud of."

1 comment:

  1. My favorite is Hidden Riches
    ("Seek the sensuous touch of creamy Mascarpone Cheese ice cream layered with tart marion blackberries, rich cheesecake spirals and flaky phyllo dough.")

    I didn't think I was going to really like it that much but I fell in love after the 1st spoonful but unfortunately I've been left broken hearted because I can no longer find this amazing treat anywhere... If I knew I could get it by ordering a case I would in a heartbeat & stick my special snack in the large freezer I have downstairs.

    If anyone can help me, even if it's just letting me know whether it's still made or not I'd greatly appreaciate it!!!!