Sunday, March 30, 2003

Snuffed out

"A statewide smoking ban was passed Wednesday by the Legislature and immediately signed by Gov. George Pataki, making New York the third state to stamp out cigarettes in virtually all businesses." New York has a new no smoking ban and I couldn't be happier.

Just this week I have been to the Bug Jar to hear Tony dejay and Milestones to hear Mike Doughty play and both times I came home with watery eyes and a sore throat. I am going through Febreeze like it's going out of style. Thank goodness for the new spring scent. To be able to go out and enjoy bands smoke free is going to be a serious quality of life improvement for me. (Note... I hope the graphic doesn't suggest Mike stunk and required Febreeze... quite the opposite, his concert was very good)

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