Sunday, June 8, 2003


One of the things I miss the most about having Aaron here is going to the grocery store. It was almost like a date night to go to Wegmans late at night and check out all the different products. Tina is nice enough to let me know when she is going to the Wegmans, so I can tag along versus skulking up and down the aisles by myself.

Tonight we ran into Joel. I am glad he didn't spy me standing in the spice aisle staring at these new Cape Herb & Spice Company spices. It is already very clear I am a sucker for visually designed products. I have been tempted to buy the cool looking Oxo Spices for some time now. When I saw the Elements Spice I was enamoured. They not only have a nifty label and a built in grinder but each contains a blend of no less than seven spices. I got the Ozone with sea salt, fennel seeds and fronds, chinese ginger, lemon peel, coriander, celery, mint and cardamom. I was also attracted to the Crystal Pools, because it had lavendar and chamomile, claiming to be soothing. *sucker*

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