Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Gross, but funny food spoofs on the Tops Wacky Packages website. The stickers you get with these grody products on remind me of MAD Magazine material. As a designer, I can appreciate the work they did to make the logos and packaging design look like the real thing.

For some real life wacky flavors check out this Japanese Ice Cream Flavors page. Flavors like garlic, tomato and oyster are outside the realm of what we normally think of as tasty ice cream. I am constantly amazed and fascinated by how different that culture is from ours.


  1. The remind me of the Garbage Pail Kids, which I have a few of! This is funny b/c a while back another blogger discussed Wacky Packs and that the originals would bring some coin--serious coin! My brother had some, he was so wild for them, and my husband remembers buying them from, of all things, a vending machine!

  2. Do you guys have those Italian gelato places where there are like 100s of flavours available including the ones mentioned on that Japanese page? I'm not that adventurous to try all the wacky ones, but the champagne one was alright.

  3. Woot! They've revived Wacky Packs!

    I remember long, long ago when I was just a little sprog these were very popular. All of my friends' older brothers had to have them, to decorate their skateboards and notebooks and such.

    Somehow, I'm always inordinately pleased to see something I remember from childhood come back. Now if they just started making those long ropes of sour-apple flavored bubble gum again...

  4. ola ljc,

    long time reader, first time poster. this is way off topic, well maybe not way off, but i saw this and thought of you, or oscar really.

  5. We saw tomato ice cream in Nice on our trip to France last week! Along with olive and a few others...:-p