Thursday, July 8, 2004

Lomo now has a super stripped down camera... the Paint Can Pinhole Camera.

Can't get any more basic than this! It really is a paint can... paint not included. Pretty cool. Starting to wonder what else I could make into a camera.


  1.'s like the computer made out of a giant beer can that I saw in Wired.

  2. Very cool.

    We made them out of cardboard oatmeal containers in Photo1 when I was in high school (back when dinos walked the earth).


  3. I actually had a class on pinhole photography in college. We made cameras out of everything from coke cans to film canisters. My favorite was one I made out of a hat box. It had several pin holes, so the picture was this weird collage of slightly overlapping panoramic images.
    I've really enjoyed your blog. It's always an interesting read and you have a stunning eye for design.

  4. Yeah, we made those in girlscouts from oatmeal boxes too. I can't really belive someone would pay for one, though. Seems kind of lazy to me. The fun is in making the whole thing yourself and then producing photos with it.

  5. I agree with Jenna. The fun and amazement of a pinhole camera is largely from the "Hey, I made a camera!" part of it, rather than the quality of the photos. (Or at least the quality of the photos in my little shoebox model that I made for a science project in school).

    Slightly off the topic, but when I was in college, one of the classrooms in the Natural Sciences building was set up to be a Camera Obscura - I had never seen one (well, actually, you are IN it rather than seeing it). Really kind of cool.

  6. Wow.. Lomo jumps on everything. $65 though?? Make your own (with all that's included in that kit) for about $40.

    Make one out of your altoids tin