Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A little bit ago, I knitted Oscar his own little scarf.

He liked it so much he wore it in our Christmas cards this year.

Very handsome.

(That is a mini sled. Oscar is not four feet tall)

Here is the project page for the scarf.

Now if I could just get the sweater I started for him last year finished.



  1. Oscar is too sexy with that scarf. When you get his sweater done you will make to post the pattern so I can make one for my 100lb pooch. The store bought one didn't even last the season. Love your site, you inspire me daily!

  2. That is WAY adorable. I need to go crochet a scarf for my minidachshund now!

  3. I agree...that scarf is soo cute, I love the contrast between the colours.

  4. I'm beginning to think that Oscar isn't a real live dog, but a stuffed dog with pipe-cleaners in his arms & legs, because he always poses so beautifully. I can't get my cat to keep still or keep her eyes open long enough for even a candid shot.