Thursday, January 20, 2005

I have been inspired by all the cute videos posted on Shelby's site. Since my new digital camera shoots video, I have been recording a few of Oscar's exploits. It is harder than it looks.

Timing is everything. You have to catch him when he is doing something cute... and move quickly before he ceases the cuteness. He may be very good at sitting for photographs but he doesn't have the whole acting bit down yet. My technique involves lot of prompting, cajoling and begging. This clip isn't as interesting as Shelby's... but we're working on it.


  1. Hello! I am here on behalf of the membership of The Poppy Club. We appreciate the fabulosity of your blog and congratulate you on your recent success in The Best of Blogs Award competition. We are hosting a party to celebrate you and your fellow finalists and would be honored if you would join us to walk the Red Carpet and greet your fans:

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday--January 21-23
    The Tall Poppy Diaries

    Attire: Black Tie
    Red Carpet Opens at 12:01 on Friday, January 21

    We hope that you and your friends can join us. And again, please accept our congratulations and best wishes for a very successful and happy 2005.

  2. Jenny.. how did you post the video? Can you take us through the steps? I hear the next "big" blog thing is video blogs.

  3. the video is super cute! i agree, could you teach us? maybe do a project page on how to post video?? so excited to see more of oscar.

  4. That video was the cutest! Thanks for the smile this morning! :)


  5. Am I the only one this is not coming up for? I want to see little mr. oscar too!

  6. Thanks for directions on this! Oscar is so cute!

  7. Sooooo Cute! And thanks for posting the 'how to' so we can all post videos!