Friday, January 21, 2005

Ok, so folks want to know how to post video to their blog? It's not too hard. If you have a 240x180 quicktime video this is what you do. Upload your video clip to your server space, just like you would a picture. Then in your post place this line of code...

<embed src="" width="240" height="200" autoplay="false" controller="true" loop="false">

Autoplay is whether or not the movie starts playing on it's own. Controller displays the buttons for playing the quicktime. Loop indicates whether you want it to play over and over or not.

That's all you do!


  1. Little J, that is such an awesome piece of info to share!

    (sign-in for blogger comment takes forever! I wanted to say this, yesterday, that I was curious to hear your voice, and even if it was only to call Oscar, I have to say not only are you cute, so is your voice*:D

    BTW: What was Oscar after a squirrel?

  2. Thanks Jenny! This is so great to know! I am starting a blog right now and I was just thinking the other day, "I wonder why people don't use video more often on their blogs". I figured it might take up too much space, or maybe it wouldn't work out very well. Then today I go to my favorite blog - yours, And see that you have done video and it totally rocks! It's such a treat to finally hear your voice, see Oscar moving, hear him panting! Your blog is an inspiration!

  3. Oscar really is cute and does all sorts of cute things. He's a lucky dog to have a mom&dad who love him very much. But I thought that less fortunate doggies should also be loved ... like this one that was featured on my local news:;s=1;dm=ss;p=news;w=320

    Maybe one of your Northern California-based readers would be able to help.

  4. It's cool to hear your voice after years of reading your blog! :)

  5. what a wonderful little bit of knowledge! thanks so much for sharing that, i'll have my great dane, cat and two rabbits in action on my blog anyday now!

  6. jenny, thank you *so* very much for posting that. i have often laid awake in bed wondering if i could post videos of the kiddos on my blog!

    off to try it now. thanks again!