Thursday, July 7, 2005

Relief washed over me when I learned that my friend Kristen, who lives in London, was safe and sound.

After I started looking at pictures of the city after the explosions, I felt so sad. We were just there in February and the streets looked just like the neighborhoods we hung around.


  1. It's amazing how it only takes a split second for a disaster to strike. I am glad to know that your friend is okay. I am praying for all of the victims and for their families.

  2. Hi - I'm a lurker reader who works in London (I love your site, you always have such cute things that I show to my husband saying things like 'I wish we could get cupcakes like that'!)
    It was *really* horrible in London yesterday. But today, although it was very quiet, many of us took a deep breath and went back in, got back on the tubes, and carried on living...
    What they did was dreadful, but we can't give in to the fear. Because that way they win.

  3. I called all my friends to check up on them too :)
    glad your buds are okay too.

    (by the way, i'm one of those lurker-things too)

  4. I was in London in May. I've been checking on my friends too. So sad. And it could happen anywhere.

  5. It is so sad! I feel for the people of London!

  6. I am also a reader and have been for at least a year, I live and work in London...Im glad your friends are all safe!