Monday, July 25, 2005

We started getting cucumbers from the garden too, so it was time to make sweet pickles. We used the same recipe we did berfore... it turned out so good.

Only this year we mixed it up a bit by using the mandolin slicer and cut ridged pickles. Yum.


  1. We have a mandolin..they are so great but I always am afraid I will slice my hand off, despite the little guide thing. They are quite a time saver.

  2. Is that the Chefmate mandoline? I bought one from Target but returned it. The vegetable I placed on the hand lever spikes kept slipping off the spikes. I spent more time trying to keep the vegetable in place than actually slicigng it. But it looks like you did a fine job with your cucumber - that's great.

  3. i like cucumbers with sour cream

  4. Jenny, You mentioned that the pickles are good for a year. Do you need to keep the pickles refrigerated?