Sunday, August 7, 2005

I am getting some bizarro results in the garden this year. It is only August but my Snack Jack pumpkins turned orange.

Sure it is a treat to get those delicious, hulless seeds two months early... but it just seems wrong somehow.

So I am going to plant some more to see if I can get some pumpkins at the proper time.


  1. Yup, it's been so dry and hot here in IL that my pumpkin vines are already dyeing back. I am worried I won't have pumpkins for fall! I am glad I didn't scratcg happy halloween into the skin of the nice big white one because it would look awfully takky sitting on my porch next month.

  2. We've planted pumpkins almost every year and they come early ALOT! If you pick them and keep them in a shady place (preferably indoors) they will last for you till Halloween though!

  3. You're lucky that you can even grow them at all.

    We tried growing the snack jacks and jack o lantern pumpkins last year in our raised garden, but it didn't work. It gets really hot here in summer (we're in Las Vegas), that any little pumpkin that sprouts out turns yellow and dies. Our soil here is really bad and totally filled with large rocks. Maybe we'll try it again next year.

    Your pumpkins look lovely!

    **in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite** Lucky!

  4. Weird.....My strawberries are not even worth mentioning, they have not responded well to the weather. But... your pumpkins look great so I am glad something good has come from it!! ;(