Friday, May 19, 2006

I was downloading some images off of my camera when I realized there were some pretty big events for Rochester lately that I didn't get around to mentioning.

Back in April, Robert Wegman, the patriarch of the grocery store I write about all the time passed away. Memorials can be seen hanging in all the stores. Joel's daughter asked "Are they going to close Wegmans now?" Holy cow... no... I certainly hope not, Hannah... I certainly hope not!

Also in April, a garage downtown collapsed. I happened to be on my way home immediately after it happened. Traffic was being redirected and I was next to Dinosaur BBQ when I noticed all the servers running out with their cell phones and taking pictures down the street. When I turned the corner I saw it. It looked creepy... sort of like pictures of the Titanic sinking... luckily no one was hurt.

So that has been the big news around here lately... that should catch everyone up.


  1. Wow... those pictures of the collapsed ramp are really frightening. It's really a miracle nobody was hurt!

  2. my biggest fear in life is a parking garage falling on me... and i had never actually heard of one collapsing before and now YOU HAVE CONFIRMED MY GREATEST FEARS! ahhhhh!

    (for real)