Thursday, April 19, 2007

R2D2 mailbox

I have to admit it. My little nerdling heart skipped a beat when I heard that they were coming out with Star Wars stamps this year.

And it was almost too much to take when I found out some US Mailboxes were going to be converted into R2D2. I had to walk down to the corner of State and Main to see Rochester's Artoo. 

Star Wars and stamps... my two geek loves combined. *sniff*

star wars stamps


  1. I love your new masthead -- while the weather in Rochester might be sludgy at least your blog is sunny!

  2. We were walking and talking and suddenly, "AAAHHH, THERE IT IS!"... she nearly gave me a heart attack =

  3. How neat. I heard about the stamps but not the mailbox. So cute.

  4. That is awesome! I didn't know about the mailboxes. We have an R2D2 ice and drink holder kind of like what you would see at a gas station or a place selling drinks, that my mom won years ago. He's bigger than the mailbox, so we only bring him out for parties. I love him.

  5. and USPS has limited edition star wars express mail envelopes too. may the post be with you! :P

  6. You little bratt! ;) You got to see one before I did!!!! *envy*

    I am SO going to buy those stamps. Lots of them. :)

    We have a sonic down the street from us... and their new bright electric signs really draw you in for a cherry-lime-ade. It is so greasy gross, though! Tater tots with cheese are good once a month. Any more and you'll be getting your liquids from an IV after your heart-attack.