Thursday, May 31, 2007

summer shoes

I am very excited about my summer shoes. A pair of Owl Print Eleanor Grosch Keds (she's a rock poster artist!) and a pair of Rocket Dogs

I think they are called "skimmers". They look equally cute with jeans or capris or skirts. 

I would have liked an Eleanor pair in every pattern!


  1. ooohh, i love love love them! they are uber cute. i have big feet and i'm quite tall (5'11") so i enjoy a flat foot shoe.

    happy summer!

    i'm headed to SF for a few weeks ljc... i am ABSOLUTELY hitting up some of those cupcake places you told us about. i lived there for a summer and go there a few times a year, but i've never been to the cupcake places. sweeeeetness.

  2. I <3 rocket dogs.

    I have these:
    And the same style with another pattern no longer on the website.

    I have been thinking about getting some "skimmers" but really I have enough "play time" shoes and not enough work shoes. :P

  3. I have almost bought those owl skimmer about 5 times! I am still kicking myself for not having gotten the 1st owl skimmers she did for Keds - they would've gone w/ more stuff in my wardrobe.

  4. both pairs of shoes are awesome and i am leaving home right now to buy a pair of each!! I especially like the pink ones!!