Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I took the bus to work today.

For years I meant to take the bus, but I aways had an excuse. It wasn't convenient, it took too long, blah blah blah. But gas has hit an all time high and the earth is heating up... I am out of excuses. I left the bug at home and rode the bus.

It was actually really great. I greeted my neighbors walking their dogs while I waited, boarded the bus, popped on the new Maroon 5 on my iPod, sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was actually quite relaxing.

I want a pin or something that says "I took the bus!".


  1. "I took the bus" pins!

    I feel a LJC project coming on...

  2. Thats excellent. I would really like to take the bus, but it would *TRIPLE* my commute ... just not possible. Oh well ... at least I drive a Honda!

  3. OK - so where did you get off? I think the routes from Strong all end up a Midtown or the War Memorial and I'm always wary of the walk with all my junk. Did you have to transfer?

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    This is an awesome toy but no refills unless you got a hook up via Japan (the only place where u can buy 'em)

  5. Ya know, I'd love to take the bus sometimes! Sadly, I live in a city that is just almost anti-mass transit. :(

  6. when i moved from SF to LA, i thought for sure i'd have to get a car. but i've been here now for 2 years and haven't bought a car yet.

    los angeles is pretty anti-mass transit, but getting better. i take a combination of bus, subway and trains and i can get most anywhere.

    it's a little shorter trip if i drive, but i'm so much more relaxed when i take the bus, because i didn't have to navigate in traffic... it's worth it.

    people in LA look at me like i'm crazy when i evangelize about mass transit. my friends all feel sorry for me. but i love it! :)

    - pam

  7. That's amazing! If only more people would realize how significant a contribution just taking the bus is. It's time to relax before the day, listen to music, read, knit... it's really not that bad! I was sad to see that you didn't have much company on the bus (it looked a little empty) because the more people use mass transit, the more efficient it will become. Even if one were to start small take the bus a few days out of 5 or something; that's better than driving 5 out of 5. Kudos! Hopefully the money you save on gas can be used to do something special with Aaron :) Along the lines of "think globally, act locally"... you're a great global neighbour! Cheers Jenny, I really appreciate all of your green initiatives. --- natalie

  8. Good for you! I take the bus to work everyday! I'm thankful that Minneapolis has a strong bus system, especially at times like these when gas prices are out of control!

  9. I was also going to mention that your bus looked a little empty. A shame. If it wasn't for my morning bus ride, I probably wouldn't be reading books. Seriously. It's my "me-time", and people usually don't bother if you've got headphones on.

  10. jesser - those honda's get great MPG!

    gabs - that is an excellent idea... I am on it!

    aprille - we can look at the maps at my desk

    janelle - I am very curious about how well it works

    niki - I feel bad I took so long to take advantage of our public trans system

    pam - I have heard that no one walks in LA either... yay for you!

    natalie & michelle - thanks! it is pretty empty when it gets to me... but we pick up a lot of people as we get into the downtown

  11. Umm.... good for you?

    Rosa Parks would approve.