Monday, May 21, 2007

Our mall got a Forever 21, but I had never gone in it. Then I read this article in the NY Times and was more interested. Tina and I stopped in and I found a cupcake tank top I went crazy for. After Aprille got me a cupcake t-shirt for my birthday I want cupcake everything.

They may even replace last year's skull phase.


  1. I see cute stuff at Forever 21, but I don't shop there because the sizes make me angry. Everything is just Small, Medium and large instead of numbered sizes, and they run really small. I cannot for the life of me get a pair of Large pants on from there. I'm pretty average sized, too. I normally wear around a size 8 or 9 pants. I feel bad for teenage girls who shop there and think that they are big because the Large pants won't fit them.

    the cupcake shirts are sooo cute, though. dammit.

  2. :) I shopped at Forever 21 in San Diego, but haven't stopped yet here. I did love the clothes and prices - in fact my outfit yesterday was from there.

  3. ironstef - I thought it was just me! The sizes were crazy! I just made it into a large.