Wednesday, June 13, 2007


When I got my latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, I discovered they included a free issue of her new Martha Stewart Newletter. At first I thought "I so don't need another subscription to something... but then I read it and I was hooked. It comes with "behind-the-scenes news, exclusive photos, product pics, Martha's calendar..." basically a more in depth peek into Martha's life. I found myself talking like I had been chatting with her over a cup of tea... "Martha doesn't need a lot of sleep... but she lets her dogs sleep in her bed." "Martha really likes those Orka silicone oven mitts." "Martha was just in China." Just what Aaron needs to hear all day long.

I also find her magazine body + soul more and more interesting. It has lots of information about  green, sustainable living. This month's issue has tips for a cooler, greener home, natural remedies and the best organic ice creams. I also love the cover with sea shells and starfish. (Reminds me of my vacation... *sigh*)


  1. I stopped subscribing to MS Living a few years ago. It was somewhat after the prison sentence and their installing an editor other than MS. I don't know; I wasn't so much into it anymore. But in the past year I started a subscription to Blueprint, another MS mag. Have you seen? I haven't come down on whether to renew yet, which I guess means I am not amzaed by it...

  2. I'm jealous! I didn't get the newsletter with my MSL! :) Though, I talk about Martha enough as it is, I don't need extra content to fuel my obsession.

  3. I am getting tired of her and her greediness - she is into paints, furniture, all the textiles and household items, and now all the craft stuff - how much money does this diva need? I met her once and she is a cold fish and very rude - after that I quit her mags and her books. Yes, she has good ideas, but she has poeple that come up with them and she gets credit...