Saturday, December 8, 2007


By the end of summer we had a nice batch of compost cooking away in our backyard. But now that it is winter, the compost is frozen.

I just read about this indoor composter that doesn't use worms, attract flies or smell bad. Plus you can add meat, fish or dairy. (we can't do that with our backyard composter)

We don't have a spot for one of these in our little kitchen, but if I was refinishing a kitchen I would definitely think about one of these.

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  1. Just so you feel a little bit guilty I walk 1/2 a mile to my allotment to dump my kitchen scraps that collect over the course of a week. Sometimes twice if it's been a week of lots of cooking :-) And while it hasn't snowed yet, the weather it rubbish. Heavy rain, winds, hail and the occasion flash of sunshine (very occasional) I've also been looking at Kitchen Composters.. this is what we have available here in the UK