Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those of you who feel Stewie has been getting too much of the spotlight and are wanting more Oscar... prepare yourself.

Today on 1000 Words I wrote about how Oscar is the spokespup for the George Eastman House Academy Awards Party®!

Oscar was featured in several ads for the party posing as Heel Oscar Heel, Sit Oscar Sit and Walk Oscar Walk. You can see all the pictures over on 1000 Words. He even has his own MySpace page,! I am sure he would like to be your MySpace friend!

As you can see, Aaron and I took a backseat in this campaign... we were just there to work with "The Talent".

(these pictures and the ones on 1000 Words were taken by Denise Batiste)

Oscar is going to be attending the party too... walking the red carpet!

I have been writing about the Oscars® all week on 1000 Words. On tuesday I posted a picture of me 10 years ago holding an Oscar®. Gah.


  1. How exciting! Oscar is (even more) famous!!

  2. He looks so distinguished with his bow tie.

  3. Ha! How fun is that?! Such a handsome celebripup. Be careful, this might push him over the diva edge! "tap water.. psshhaw. I only have the finest Evian in my dish."
    Congrats to Oscar!

  4. yes, oscar's super cute, but those red shoes are to die for! are those your legs and shoes? you've got to tell me where you got 'em!


  5. I can't get over how much of a ham Oscar is! Every picture is as though he is saying, "I am dashing aren't I?"

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I've posted about your blog on my blog! I've listed you as one of my Top Ten Blogs!! Thanks for the good reading.

  7. Terribly, terribly dashing!

    Now if only I could add Oscar as a Netflix friend he'd be my total go-to movie guy!

  8. I saw the first 'Heel' ad in the City paper and thought 'hey I've seen that Oscar before!' Wish I could make it to the party to meet the handsome star. Have fun!

    p.s. I'm a long time Rochestarian reader, finally delurking :)