Thursday, March 6, 2008

I think Oscar is getting tired of the winter weather. He looks a little ho hum.

Hopefully it will be spring soon and we can take him camping.

I was wandering around a Tuesday Morning while Aaron was in his guitar lessons and they had dog camping tents!
So I went to Coleman's website and found all kinds of pet camping gear. I like what they had to say...

"Pets are a part of the family so there’s no reason they should be left behind when everyone goes camping. Coleman’s unique family of pet products makes it easy for you to take your pet along. All Coleman® pet products are designed with pets in mind and made of durable, long-lasting materials. Forget the dog sitter this camping season; take your faithful friend with you!"

They had dog tents and CAT tents. I am trying to visualize taking a cat camping.

The Mountaineer Cat Tent has:
• Adjustable side panels for ventilation and airflow
• Waterproof floor provides moisture barrier between your pet and the ground
• Weather-resistant fabric specially designed and treated to repel water
• Strong frame engineered to withstand windy conditions

That's good because Stewie would not be happy if he got wet or if he blew away.

Look how cute the Hibernation Sleeping Bag for Dogs is!

And the Bone Lounger would be a big hit too.

Let's be honest though. We could get Oscar the tent, the lounger and the sleeping bag, but when we take Oscar camping, we all know where he is going to be sleeping. In OUR tent, on top of MY pillow with my head squozen over to a tiny corner. As usual.


  1. That picture of Oscar is adorable! He looks so comfy!

  2. Oscar looks sooo cute. Love the little tent idea..if i got tents for all my guys, it would look like a campground.

  3. The idea of a Mountaineer Cat is cracking me up. Clearly the person who named the product has never owned a cat.

  4. My mom bought my dogs the sleeping bag and they LOVE IT.

  5. I love that dog tent, it's adorable.

    I completely agree on the cat-camping front, I can't imagine it at all, but I did once see a couple and their cat at the beach, so if you can take a cat to the beach, maybe camping isn't so out there after all!

  6. I've taken my dog (20 lb jack russell schauzer mix) camping and kayaking. She would ride on the kayak and swim back and forth between my husband and I oh so frantically. She isn't exactly a water loving dog. :)

  7. Love "squozen"!

    Our cats would terrorize a campground, though I have contemplated bringing them to Mom & Dad's camper from time to time - but you can't really tuck the litter away.

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