Thursday, March 27, 2008

When I first started blogging, Aaron started a blog too. His blog eventually became rather neglected... much to my dismay. He just didn't show an interest in blogging.

He says he has a renewed interest in blogging because he has found his topic... getting his Smart Car. He now has a blog called smartcar a (the a=aaron). I am as excited about his new blog as I am about his new Smart Car on it's way!


  1. Oooh, I am going to forward his blog link to me Dad, he just finished configuring his Smart (he's getting a yellow one) and is anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

  2. Yeah for the smart car!

    I was wondering if you haved checked out KMart lately. I noticed quite a while back you had blogged about Martha Stewart beach towels you had purchased there. and I look for them every year around this time and wondered if they had them in stores where you live? Thanks! :-)

  3. The photo of the smartcar looked very familiar........i think its taken up the street from me in Melbourne Australia, never knew the river could look that great.
    We have a scheme here where you pay a fee each month and you drive a smart car covered with advertising, very cheap way to get one, called

  4. i am such a wannabe - i saw your pink bug and wanted one - now i saw this samrt car and i want one - but i also saw these in toronto a few years ago and have loved them since then - so that makes me a half wanna be ;)

  5. Hello ljcfyi,
    My name is Christodoula and i am from cyprus. I just wanted to say that I like very much your blog spot and I also adore your craft projects!!!

  6. anonymous - I haven't spotted the towels yet : (

  7. Coming home from Dallas Monday I saw an entire trailer load of smart cars pass us on the road. I hope they were headed towards you :)