Friday, March 28, 2008

Last night was the season finale for The Celebrity Apprentice. Did you catch the mention of some of the celebrities talking about Kodak on the website Kodak World?

On Kodak World there are three videos from Vinny, Nely and Marilu. Vinny's spot is sooo good... you gotta watch it. Especially Soprano fans. Nely's spot is beautifully shot and it's hard not to get a little misty eyed when she tells her story of leaving Cuba without anything and going back as an adult to get her family photographs. Marilu's spot is funny. I actually got to watch it being taped last week. It reminds me of the Geico commercials where they get celebrity personalities to tell customer stories (which by the way has Mrs. Buttersworth in the latest)

You can watch them all here.

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