Tuesday, June 24, 2008

stamps and chairs

Aaron brought me home a sheet of thse Eames stamps from the post office. I was really excited... no not because I am stamp collector, because I am so not... but because two of the chairs on the stamps I just happen to have...

... in mini versions! Hee! So cute.

I love mini stuff. I got these in blind boxes at the Kinokuniya book store in NYC.


  1. Very cute. This reminds me to go get my stamps.


  2. Those mini chairs are adorable!! What a great find!

  3. the Kinokuniya bookstore near me has them too (I just checked on my lunch hour today) and they have opened all of the boxes and marked them, so you can actually select which chair you get. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can check for specific chairs. They sell them for $7 (which was a relief because so many websites list them at $40).

  4. Do you know where to buy these online?

  5. Those chairs are for people with tiny butts! ;-)