Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony

The Beijing Olympic closing ceremony was another amazing show. I can't believe the Beijing Olympics have come to an end. The days flew by.

Piglet and Domo are sad to leave.

Olympic mascots... I will miss you! Time to go home.


  1. You have a great job! Hope you enjoyed your Olympics dream trip. It looks like it was wonderful, and I'm totally jealous! Do you get to keep all your cameras? Are you going to do a review on which one(s) you like the best?

  2. I have had so much fun going to the Olympics with you. Right at this very moment we are cracking up over the passing of the Olympic Flag to London.

    We do have a question though. When the flags were raised during the closing ceremony as soon as they got to the top of the flag pole they started waving like crazy. Do you know how they did that? (You are the only one I "know" who was there. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.)

  3. Hello Lady,

    I was reading the post just about the time I was watching the closing ceremonies. I think the poles were hollow and had piping ran through them I saw a close up shot of the Canadian flag and pole and spotted a small hole there at the bottom.
    And yes thank you for all the information and pics of the Olympics I have been reading it here and on 1000 words.

  4. They did pipe air through the flagpoles so that the flags would have that perfect flutter. I saw it on the Olympic wrap-up special put out by the CBC.

  5. Beautiful pictures! You were so fortunate to be there.

  6. SURELY someone has told you that Domo is ALL OVER Target Halloween stuff, yes?