Saturday, August 23, 2008

Giant Pandas in Beijing

Yesterday was extra awesome, because I went to the Beijing Zoo to see the giant pandas! Ack! They are ridiculously cute.

They just roll around and revel in their overwhelming cuteness.

Panda bear buffet.

Domo and Piglet were not impressed by the cuteness.

So excited to see the pandas!

I uploaded some video I shot of the pandas on 1000 Words Blog. Go look if you think you can stand the cuteness.

There were a few other animals... but they weren't pandas...

"Toss me snack!"

Bear butt.

Uh yeah... you could touch the zebras!

Shark attack.


  1. I love your zoo pictures! Thank you so much for sharing your Olympic/China experience. I'm living vicariously through you. The bear photos are awesome (and not just the pandas)

  2. What were they feeding those bears - warm milk and pasta?! They are all sleeping! Ridiculous.

  3. Sorry Jenny, I have to say it. You look like the textbook tourist. It made me giggle.