Friday, August 22, 2008

Several people have asked me about pictures of the food I have eaten here in China. One of the best meals I have had was Peking Duck. It is slices of crispy duck that you place on a thin pancake with slices of cucumber, onion and a sweet sauce. I love the lazy susans they use here so everyone can help themselves.

I have had lots of dumplings... steamed and pan fried.

This is "vegetarian shrimp" with deep fried tea leaves. The shrimp are actually made of yam and taste surprisingly like real shrimp. I really liked the tea leaves too, they were salty and sort of like crispy seaweed.

And of course I have had lots of noodles.

I love how the Coke cans are in Chinese. They have special designs for the Olympics too. I have been drinking more orange juice and tea than Coke though.


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  1. Thank you for this post on just food! The Peking duck looks absolutely delish! Actually everything looks just that! :)