Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing Olympic Stadiums

I just love the stadiums that were built for the Beijing Olympics. Like my friend Joel, I enjoy massive man-made structures, like Hoover Dam and the Falkirk Wheel. Not only are they unique but they are just ginormous. They all look amazing lit up at night like the Bird's Nest does in this picture.

I was so pleased to get this shot of the Bird's Nest during the day. I have been told you don't see many blue skies in Beijing.

Here is Ling Long Pagoda at night. I stood waiting for a long time for the rainbow combination of colored lights to come up.

Here is a picture from the base, looking up. Again, blue skies.

And my favorite. The Water Cube. Someone on my 1000 Words blog post said they put a moat around it because the bubble are popable. Oooooh. Just like bubble wrap.

Sad thing is, these stadiums are so amazing that now when I go to a "regular" one, even if it is still very nicely designed in it's own right, I am like "Ho hum".

I have a lot more factoids about the stadiums over on my 1000 Words blog post. You can leave me comments there.


  1. The first time I saw the water cube I thought it was supposed to be a big mattress. Hey, from the air it's harder to get the idea!

  2. that would be really hard for me to walk by the water cube and not try and make my way over to it to poke at it...it'd be like walking past bubble wrap...you just gotta hear that comforting "pop"