Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mascot gymnastics

I have seen the award ceremony for the Men's Team Gymnastics and the Women's Team Gymnastics. Each time the mascots came out and tumbled around while they were setting up the podiums.

On one hand they could hardly see with their big ol heads and kept bumping into one another. On the other hand they were still able to do flips and handsprings.

Look their little arms can hardle reach the floor with the massive head in the way. That takes talent. I can't wait to see what the mascots do at a swimming award ceremony.

I found the Olympic Super Store... wowee. Mascot goodies galore. I bought a super lot.


  1. What do they have those heads stuck on with that they can jump around and not have their head pop off...that could be very traumatic for a young viewer...heh heh :)

  2. I read this post yesterday and came back to comment today because I couldn't get your adorable tumbling mascot pictures out of my head! Thanks for posting them; I am enjoying watching the Olympics here in the US and your perspective has been very fun to follow along with. I hope you continue to have a great time in Beijing :)

  3. Oh.. i hope you'll show us what mascot goodies you bought when you get back! (Psst... if you haven't already seen them.. try get kodak to send you out to the 2010 Vancouver games. Cute mascots!)

  4. I am really amazed every time I see these mascots do their gymnastics routines. I wonder how long they trained to learn their acts.

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