Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wii Kitty

It seems like the Wii craze had died down a bit. We did get Wii Fit.

And Guitar Hero for the Wii.

And we picked up a WiiKitty. Hah hah. No... these were pictures I took for the photo site WiiKitty... pictures of kitties with Wii remotes.

I kept checking the site to see Stewie show up and was starting to think it had been rejected... then I realized the site hasn't been updated since April. Bummer.

So I posted the pics here for all of you to enjoy instead.


  1. Yikes! Cat porn! I like the second one, with the "Wii Kiss."


    I know you like Twilight...thought that might amuse you.

  3. Maybe you should have called him Stewii.