Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween outakes

I just had to post these outtake pictures from the Oscar/Stewie Halloween shoot.

This is the two of them slacking while waiting for me to get my camera ready.

This is the two of them ignoring one another. But we all know how much they like each other!


  1. OK, that first photo is bizarro! They look as if they have morphed into one, two-headed animal from the way they are smooshed together at the hind legs!

    Gosh they are so cute. I think I need to post more photos of Betty on my blog.

    P.S. the letters I have to type to prove I am not auto spam here are "unfur"... how interesting!

  2. the way stewie is sitting in the first photo kills me. i can't believe he let you put a t-shirt on him. my cat seriously would've clawed me to death.

  3. do you drug them to sit like that so close to each other? (i'm kidding, i'm not accusing you of drugging them)

  4. HOW do you get them to sit so still next to each other? My cat would die before she took a picture with either one of my dogs.